Öcsi Baranyi, Ronto Attila Budapest Danubius Grand Hotel
Kurhaus Terasse


It is a joy to listen to Smooth Jazz guitarist Öcsi Baranyi's lyrical lines, singing, repertoire and musical inventiveness. The innate Hungarian's charm and playfulness come through in his music, giving his style of smooth jazz playing and singing a live music style that many in the genre lack.


Öcsi Baranyi was born in a town called Arad in Transylvania. He started playing violin when he was age 6; cello at age 8 and at 10 began playing piano. And, at age 13, he then began playing the guitar.


Although his parents and his teachers had spent so much time (and money) in teaching him so many instruments, they were reluctant for him to learn guitar and did not encourage him through his journey. In his quest to master that instrument, Öcsi was on his own.


And yet, none brought him as much joy, fun and satisfaction as his guitar. 


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Öcsi Baranyi


Mob.00 49 151 425 03203


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This was a concert in Arad 2009

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